This past weekend we attended the ABC’s of Farmed Based Education Workshop at Shelburne Farms. The 25 conference attendees ranged from college students to seasoned farmers. There were people just entering the world of agriculture and people who had grown up farming. Some were new to education and others had been leading field trips and teaching pre-school for years. Great facilitation meant we got the privilege of learning from everyone’s experience. From seeing new books and resources, to examining our reasons for teaching about food outside, to discussing practical safety concerns and classroom management, the discussions covered many facets of what we do. We enjoyed beautiful views of Lake Champlain; enlightening conversations with donkeys, alpacas, and sheep; and of course, the many new farm and garden activities that we can’t wait to play with the students in Gloucester. And to top it all off we got to eat delicious food right from the farm all weekend long. 

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